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HDKI Squad
Representing your Country at a National and International level

HDKI Squad

Representing your country at a national and international level is the dream of many Karateka. The HDKI GB provides many opportunities to do exactly this, testing your Kata and Kumite skills against the very highest level of competition.

The National Squad is run by Julie Nicholson Sensei and John Holdsworth Sensei, with selections and training sessions taking place up and down the country. These sessions are open to all HDKI GB members who are aged 8+ and who are a minimum of 6th kyu.

The HKDI GB also runs Northern and Southern Regional Squads. These are organised by Stuart Amos Sensei and Becky Cox Symonds Sensei respectively.

All our squad sessions are on the HDKI GB events page and can also be found on Facebook. For more information on the squad, please contact Julie Sensei!