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Karate Club does well in National competition in Birmingham

Newark Shotokan Karate Club does well on the road as they compete in National competition in Birmingham.

A karate club said they were proud of their students after a great showing at a national competition where the club won 12 medals.

Newark Shotokan Karate Club competed at the Hombu Dojo Karate Internationals Open Championships in Birmingham where they were highly successful.

Vicky Vickers started the ball rolling achieving a silver in the Kata, she later bagged a gold in the Kumite event.

It was a successful tournament for Sensi Shaun Cassidy as he achieved the title of grand champion.

Cassidy won three gold medals in the individual kata, individual kumite, and as part of the men’s team kumite.

He was also awarded the Palma Regina Diosi Memorial Trophy.

Josh Hyde achieved silver in the men’s kumite and was also a part of the men’s team kumite squad that won gold.


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