Mourad Saihia Sensei at HDKI Sanjo

Sunday, 9th June 2019

9am - 3pm

Preston Westview Leisue Centre, Preston PR1 5EP

HDKI Sanjo Karate is proud to host Mourad Saihia Sensei, 6th Dan.

He started training in 1982 as a young child and was the youngest student in his fathers dojo.

Mourad Sensei has trained extensively in Japan and is a member of Kokusai Shihankai of the Karatenomichi World Federation (KWF). He is currently the technical manager of KWF Algeria.

Hajime One did a post on Murad Sensei recently:

The one lesson I learnt which most impacted my karate was that karate is a rule for life. It's not a rank or a league title; a win, a medal or a cup. Karate is as much mental, as it is spiritual and technical. The lesson I've learnt from being a lifelong practitioner of budo karate is that the mind is stronger than the body.

Mourad Sensei is an excellent communicator with adult and junior students alike.

There will be two classes, one for all grades and one for brown belts and above. Times to be confirmed.

Training sessions are open to all, irrespective of association.

No Politics, just karate.