Joining as an individual

Benefits of joining

  • Are you interested in karate adventures?
  • Are you looking for somewhere to push your personal development and grow as a karateka?
  • Do you want to join a fun, inclusive and progressing association?

Then the HDKI GB is for you!!!

What do we offer you?


  • Access to an international network of world-renowned instructors 
  • Regional courses
  • National courses 
  • Annual International Instructor training
  • Mock Dan gradings
  • Open competition training squad


  • Affiliated to WUKF
  • Regional open and HDKI GB competitions
  • National HDKI GB championships
  • International HDKI and WUKF championships 


  • Grading examiner qualifications
  • Judge and referee qualifications 
  • Instructor training courses
HDKI Medals

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Apply for or renew your membership license

Have you ever practiced a martial art?
Have you ever been convicted or received a prohibition order for any crimes, excluding traffic?
Do you have a medical condition or disability that could affect or prevent you practicing Karate?
Total to pay: £20
Total to pay: £25