All individual members of the dojo must hold HDKI GB membership

  • Renewing members have 3 months from expiry date to renew the license. If they fail to do this, their membership number may be reused
  • There is no club membership
  • A dojo may not have membership to another organisation, other than the National Governing Body (FEKO)
  • All membership forms must be returned to:
Jennifer Cameron
HDKI Secretary
Kyu Examinations

  • All exams must follow the HDKI (GB) grading syllabus
  • Only HDKI (GB) Examiners may conduct kyu exams
  • £3.50 must be paid to the organisation for every kyu exam taken
  • HDKI (GB) will provide certificates for every kyu exam
  • Instructors who grade their own students may purchase certificates in advanced
  • All instructors must fill in and return a Kyu Exam Registration Form after every examination
  • All external grading examiners must be paid £9 per grading plus teaching fee and expenses

Kyu Grade Officer - Aimee Morris, Black Country Shotokan.

To become a HDKI (GB) Kyu Examiner, members must be at least 3rd Dan and above to attempt the test. Please request the exam questions from Scott Langley.

Present HDKI GB Examiners

Scott Langley 6th Dan

Justin Beattie 5th Dan

Simon Bligh 5th Dan

Steve Bailes 4th Dan

Andrea Carbon 3rd Dan

Amanda Gisby 3rd Dan

Dave Gisby 3rd Dan

Bo Gort 3rd Dan

Aimee Morris 3rd Dan

Simon Shepherd 3rd Dan

John Viney 3rd Dan

Danielle Woodward 3rd Dan


Squad Training

  • Squad Training schedules will be decided by the Squad Coach and Squad Manager
  • All members must pay training fees, a proportion of which will go towards the squad fundraising
  • Members wishing to be selected for the national team must fulfil the criteria set out by the squad coach
  • Only members selected for the national team may compete in International Championships

New Membership

New Members of the HDKI (GB) will receive probationary membership for one year. During this time new members grading beyond nidan must consult with senior members of the HDKI.

Dan Examinations

  • All candidates must have permission from their instructor to grade
  • All candidates must be a full HDKI 1st Kyu in order to grade
  • All grades must be registered
  • All students must wait the minimum waiting time between dan examinations.

Dan Examination Panel

With the exception of the Technical Seminars, dan examinations will be conducted by a grading panel. This will be made up of 5th dan and above members of HDKI (GB). Further to this, 4th dan members may also be asked to join the panel occasionally in order to introduce them to the process.


We are aware that some clubs are heavily involved with the squad and others are not. We do not insist on each and every club taking an equal role in fundraising, however, we ask that each club do at least one event per year to help raise money for the national team. If a club has many members of their dojo in the national team, we ask them to find a level of fundraising that fairly represents the gains their members receive.

In the extreme case, the squad manager reserves the right to withhold funds from members whose dojo make no effort to support the squad.

Japan Trip

Every year HDKI (GB) will organise a trip to Japan if sufficient interest is there. Club instructors should contact Scott Langley for further details.

Dojo Courses

A dojo is free to organise a course with any instructor in or outside the HDKI. However, all seminars with instructors from the HDKI International Council will be run by the HDKI (GB). All profits from these courses will be kept by the HDKI (GB) to help fund the organisation.