What is the HDKI GB?

What are we about?

Our culture

HDKI GB is a leading karate association within Great Britain with each of our clubs providing a home for individuals, new to karate and karate-lifers, who share in our unique values:

  • Develop the person and the karate

    HDKI GB Clubs are dedicated to teaching good karate and being kind to people. We are about teaching each individual to be the best karateka and the best person they can be, striving to help improve individual mental and physical health

  • Value tradition and innovate to the future

    Across the HDKI Internationally we endeavour to hold on to certain aspects of traditional karate that add value and depth to our art and enhance our connection to the past, whilst striving to innovate our karate through the use of modern concepts to enhance all aspects of our art and community

  • Have karate adventures

    Karate is about learning and striving to be better than your last self every day. Karate adventures are a fundamental part of this. Karate adventures can be anything - you could just train in another HDKI GB club, a course from another association, or travel with us to train with friends in Japan – either way, we believe in having fun and new experiences

  • Provide opportunity 

    The HDKI GB as a rapidly growing and innovative organisation, provides a platform for success whether you are an aspiring instructor, competitor or someone just looking to get involved, the HDKI GB has the opportunities and structure to support your personal goals

  • Shu-Ha-Ri

    Shu-Ha-Ri is a Japanese concept that describes the stages of learning. In brief, there are three stages of learning, Shu – to conform (following your instructor), Ha – to apply or adapt (questioning), Ri – to transcend (to have your personal interpretation)

Who is our committee?

Technical Director - Simon Bligh

Assistant Technical Director - Paul Uren

Treasurer and Kyu Grade Officer - Amanda Gisby

Secretary and Licensing Officer - Jen Cameron

Senior Safeguarding Officer - Daniel Broudie

Non-executive Officer - Julie Nicholson

Non-executive Officer - Stuart Amos

Competition sparring
Sensei Simon Bligh

What is the HDKI?

The HDKI is an international association of karate associations, full of karateka who love to have karate adventures!

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What are our competition opportunities?

For many karateka competition is critical. At the HDKI GB we have a number of opportunities to develop individual karateka and provide a network of regular competitions to challenge our membership:

  • Open competition squads in the South and North – to develop everyone who aspires to compete
  • Selected International competition squad to provide a platform for our professional competitors
  • Regional competition calendar, both those organised by the HDKI GB and numerous open competitions
  • Annual HDKI GB National Championships 
  • 2023 HDKI Ireland Championships on 21st May 2023 and the WUKF World Championships 13th to 16th July 2023
  • We are affiliated to WUKF, and as a result gain access to multiple National, European and World championships each year

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Who are our squad coaches?

HDKI GB Squad Coach  - John Holdsworth and Julie Nicholson

National Kumite Coach - Nick Keys

Northern Squad Coach - Stuart Amos

Southern Squad Coach - Becky Cox-Symonds


HDKI Northern Squad